Thursday, June 20, 2024

IBM opens new innovation hub in Cebu City to cater to Japanese clients

IBM Consulting has announced the expansion of its Client Innovation Center (CIC) with the launch of its second Japan Innovation Hub in Cebu City to meet the growing needs of Japanese clients for a host of technology services.

Photo shows Hiroshi Katoh, managing partner of IBM Consulting Japan (center) and Sanjiv Gupta, president of IBM Solutions Delivery Inc. Philippines (right)

The Philippines is a strong market for human resource development, with the median age at 25.3 years, and a large number of digital transformation professionals with Japanese-language skill.

According to GlobalData, the ICT market in the Philippines is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 8% to $20.6 billion by 2026, from $14.04 billion in 2021.

IBM Consulting’s Cebu Japan Innovation Hub is built in the Philippines CIC, which has brought automation, analytics, and AI to serve more than 200 clients around the world with 24×7 operations since 2004.

The Philippines CIC supports 15 languages, including English, Mandarin and Japanese, and has been assisting Japanese clients with project delivery since 2016.

Building on IBM’s deep technology knowledge and an over decade-long of its Philippines CIC cross-industry expertise, the Japan Innovation hub in Cebu will be manned by Filipino talents skilled in data analytics, AI, hybrid cloud transformation, application management, supply chain, finance and procurement, to support IBM Consulting’s Japanese clients in their digital transformation journey.

The new regional near-shore-location and off-shore-location digital transformation (DX) center was established in Cebu after other launches in China, India, and Manila.

Cebu City has emerged as world’s number one emerging outsourcing destination due to its talented pool of professionals.


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