Monday, June 17, 2024

Back on the saddle, Shopback PH says pandemic a double-edged sword

Shopback, a Singapore-headquartered digital voucher and cashback reward system company, said the Covid-19 pandemic brought about significant changes and challenges but it also opened up opportunities for innovation and improvement for the tech startup.

Shopback commercial director Timothy Tuason (left) and head of marketing Raenald De Jesus

During a media roundtable on April 25 in Makati City, Shopback’s top local executives — commercial director Timothy Tuason and head of marketing Raenald De Jesus — insights into how the pandemic impacted the company’s operations and their strategies for growth.

Tuason emphasized that Shopback’s resilience during these times was due to its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and innovation.

“We revamped all the processes, the backend, and also the team in terms of performance from 2018 onwards,” said Tuason.

Shopback is cognizant of the upcoming “revenge” offline events and is taking steps to ensure its availability and visibility to users. They plan to further improve its services and offer more value to users.

Moreover, Shopback has already implemented innovative features to optimize user experience. With features like store redirection and Google extensions, users can access more deals and find the products they’re looking for.

Additionally, the personalized offers and challenges system will provide users with a fun and engaging way to shop, while also earning rewards.

“We plan to make sure the user experience is top notch, the offering in the platform is also top notch,” Tuason stressed.

During the meeting, the officials also disclosed that they will double down on offers and create more opportunity for users with online deals.

The Shopback executives said the company intends to “create buzz” during certain moments to promote deals and help users save more during peak times.

“Understanding these types of behaviors and making sure we shoot out is what really matters to us. It’s all about providing the opportunity to the users to be able to make their shopping experience better,” Tuason added.

ShopBack claims it has over 5.5 million users and 600 partnerships with local retailers across industries ranging from travel and fashion, to tech and marketplaces.

The company said it has generated over P100 million in cashback to its Filipino users last year.


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