Thursday, June 20, 2024

Morong is first LGU to use next-gen 911 emergency system

Citizens of Morong in Rizal province has become the first LGU to use digital technology for emergency communication and public safety services with Next Generation Advanced 911 (NGA 911) system.

Morong Mayor Sidney B. Soriano and Ishka Villacisneros, CFO of NGA in the United States, at the formal signing of the new 911 Next Generation Advanced 911 (NGA 911) for Morong, Rizal

Morong mayor Sidney B. Soriano, vice mayor Jose Fred Feliciano Jr., and other key municipal officials signed an agreement on April 24 with NGA Philippines, a local subsidiary of NGA, a multinational corporation headquartered in California USA, to provide Morong with complete solutions that will enable the LGU to respond to emergencies, save lives and secure property in the fastest possible time.

The technology is used in the United States, and it has proven to be a game-changer in emergency communications. The system uses Internet protocol (IP) technology to transmit voice, text, and video messages between callers and emergency responders.

It can also provide real-time data on the location and condition of callers, which can help first responders make more informed decisions in emergency situations.

This is the only true cloud-based NG 9-1-1 solution operating on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud platform uses a robust and resilient Internet Protocol (IP) backbone that will replace the decades-old 911 infrastructure and turn emergency communication into Next Generation 911.

“The digital-led system will enhance the LGU’s response capabilities with faster reaction time, accurate location tracking, consolidation of communication channels, call routing, collaboration and mapping and thus help save Morong residents’ lives,” Robert Andrew Llaguno, NGA Philippines country manager, said.

“Its IoT (internet of things) capabilities allows interaction beyond regular devices like smart phones, desktops and gadgets. It allows seamless integration with public safety technology and systems like CCTVs, two-way radio, and social media apps to provide front liners with valuable information, resulting to better situational awareness and quicker, more efficient response,” he said.

Llaguno added that the system gathers information and stores everything in an unlimited fully-recorded environment complete with audit trail, dashboards, and logs. The data is secured by NGA 911’s international standards-compliant Next Generation and Cybersecurity capabilities and helps the LGU improve the speed and quality of its response.

Robert Andrew Llaguno, NGA Philippines country manager, explains the 911 system

Even the hearing-impaired can make efficient use of the system, Llaguno said. A Real Time Text (RTT) feature makes it easy for both callers and call receivers to report incidents, so those in danger need not do voice calls to report a crime, accident or emergency, making them feel safe and more secure in challenging situations.

While Morong, Rizal already has an Operations Center in place, the municipality’s current system will benefit from the advanced technology that will make coordination and response to emergencies at the soonest possible time.

“We are partnering with NGA 911 to equip our public safety officers with a system that will enable them to provide immediate emergency assistance and help us adapt to the ever-changing landscape of public safety,” Soriano said.

“Quick response is valuable because the equivalent of every second can be life or death. Whether the emergency is medical, fire, crime or accident, we need to provide fast and effective response. The NGA 911 Call Handling System will let us respond faster and more efficiently. Finally, our constituents are going to get the peace of mind they deserve.”

Soriano enjoined other LGUs to prioritize public safety and follow suit. “We set an example here today for other municipalities and cities to follow. Let’s prioritize public safety and invest in the future of our communities,” he said.

“The implementation of NG911 technology in the Philippines could significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response systems in the country. We are using Next Generation 911 Technology currently being implemented across the United States. With Mr. Soriano’s leadership and support, we are confident that we can make this a reality and provide better emergency services to the Filipinos,” Ishka Villacisneros, CFO of NGA in the United States, said.


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