Friday, June 21, 2024

Converge ICT brings prepaid fiber Internet to marginalized sectors

Fiber Internet provider Converge ICT Solutions said it is bringing its broadband connectivity to the marginalized sectors as it accelerates the roll-out of its prepaid fiber Internet called “Surf2Sawa” to more unserved areas in the country.

Sari-sari store owner Teresita (lef), a Surf2Sawa customer, chats with Dennis Uy, Converge CEO and cofounder, on how the prepaid plan meets their budget in the household

 “This is the future for the majority of Filipinos. There are still some barriers to widespread adoption of fiber broadband because of the cost, but we are lowering those barriers with these new products that are within reach of lower-income households,” Dennis Anthony Uy, Converge founder and CEO, said.

The new Surf2Sawa product is available through prepaid loading for as low as P50 a day, once the fiber line with modem has been installed. There are also plans for P200 for seven days, P380 for 15 days, and P700 for one month. The prepaid product has been rolled out in 400 cities and municipalities so far and will reach more areas nationwide this year.

 “Our goal is to cover all urban poor communities and third-class municipalities across the country. This is our pledge to digital democracy as we hope to see the day when every Filipino has access to world-class connectivity,” Uy said.

He noted that the fiber network of Converge now spans over 618,000 kilometers, passing 14.9 million homes or covering 57% of total Philippine households. With this extensive digital infrastructure, Converge can readily serve the majority of Filipinos.

A Surf2Sawa crew vehicle prepares for installation in Tondo

“We are now the biggest fiber-to-the-home network in the Philippines with 7.9 million fiber ports available as of end-2022. We are primed and ready to take on the wave of demand from budget-conscious subscribers hoping to access fiber broadband but at prepaid values,” Uy added. 

Converge said Surf2Sawa guarantees speeds of up to 25 Mbps for six gadgets with unlimited data. This can support basic Internet applications such as email, Web surfing, social media,  video and music streaming, as well as gaming.


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