Monday, June 24, 2024

Can an EV make the trip from Manila to Baguio? SM says ‘yes’

SM Supermalls has officially unveiled its network of electric vehicle charging stations across the country by initiating a challenge to take an EV-powered car make the trip from Metro Manila to Baguio.

SM Aura Premier is one of the 27 malls of SM Supermalls that offer free e-Vehicle charging stations

The company said it aims to show that consumers can drive their electric cars from Metro Manila to Baguio — without any worries, by using the EV charging stations of about 27 SM malls nationwide.

This makes the SM Supermalls, part of SM Investments, the biggest chain of malls in the country to offer this service, the company said.

“The EV charging stations in SM Supermalls are one of the sustainability initiatives under the SM Green Movement. Aside from advocating air conservation and clean energy through this innovation, we champion solid waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and disaster resilience for a greener, safer tomorrow” Steven Tan, president of SM Supermalls, said.

Electric cars have been making rounds across the Americas and Europe in recent years. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive your own EV in the Philippines? Where it could take you? What happens if you run out of charge?

Now, let’s say you just bought your new ride; can you actually take it to Baguio without a hitch? A one-way drive from SM Mall of Asia to SM Baguio is approximately 300 kilometers. That single trip takes around six hours, including potty breaks, and other necessary stopovers.

Generally, the new electric vehicles that arrived in our country would need at least five minutes of charging to get through 100 kilometers of travel. You would have to allot at least 30 minutes on average if you consider the battery capacity of your car. If your car battery is fully drained, you might need to charge it for about half a day.

Filipinos are usually skeptical of new technology amid our centuries-old normativity — and rightfully so. Some of the concerns raised by enthusiasts are the cost of charging, especially with the looming energy price, and the availability of charging stations.

SM currently has 27 EV charging stations nationwide, mostly equipped with Wallbox Type 2 plugs. You can bring your own adapter, while SM Baguio uses Tritium which can refill the car’s battery within an hour. It’s time to focus on alternatives to reduce our carbon emissions, conserve energy, and safeguard the environment.

Some of the EV Charging Stations are also available in SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown, SM City Trece Martires, and Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

Additionally, these urban centers have been energy-efficient and can power their operations throughout the day, which makes all of SM’s EV charging stations free of charge nationwide! From Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao you can charge your electric car without the fear of paying a hefty amount.


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