Friday, June 14, 2024

Pick-A-Roo taps AWS to offer personalized delivery experience

Delivery app Pick-A-Roo has announced its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to elevate customer experiences through personalized recommendations.

By harnessing AWS’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Pick-A-Roo aims to revolutionize the way urban consumers transition to the next normal, stress-free and convenient, the company said.

Pick-A-Roo is more than just a food and grocery app as it offers a premium all-in-one lifestyle delivery experience. With a diverse selection of brands spanning various categories, including food, groceries, medicine, gadgets, pet essentials, appliances, baby care, and more, Pick-A-Roo ensures that users can find what they need while enjoying delightful surprises with every click.

“Our collaboration with AWS represents a significant milestone for Pick-A-Roo in our journey to provide a premium all-in-one lifestyle delivery experience,” Eric Bataga, CEO of Pick-A-Roo said.

“By utilizing the power of AWS’s cutting-edge technologies, we are committed to offering personalized recommendations and curated selections that cater to each individual’s unique tastes and preferences. Our goal is to help urban consumers transition to the next normal with ease, convenience, and peace of mind.”

Pick-A-Rooa tech company founded by Kevin L. Tan, remains resilient post-pandemic as many of its customers have already become accustomed to regularly purchasing their groceries and stocking their pantries using the easy interface of the app. Proof of this is the fact that the app has already been downloaded by nearly 1 million customers to date.

What’s more, Pick-A-Roo will soon be launching its latest exciting feature in the coming weeks.

Through the integration of advanced technologies, Pick-A-Roo aims to leverage data-driven insights to curate personalized experiences for its customers. By understanding user preferences and their journey within the app, Pick-A-Roo strives to simplify the shopping process and introduce customers to a wide range of products that enhance their lifestyles, all in one place.

Joan Estacio, COO of Pick-A-Roo, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with AWS allows us to drive higher engagement rates, foster revenue growth, and cultivate enduring brand loyalty. By combining AWS’s powerful infrastructure and PICK•A•ROO’s customer-centric focus, we are confident that our joint efforts will deliver exceptional outcomes and position us as pioneers in the all-in-one lifestyle delivery space.”

The collaboration between Pick-A-Roo and AWS underscores their shared vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experience. By harnessing AWS’s cloud infrastructure and AI services, Pick-A-Roo aims to transform the way urban consumers shop and connect with their favorite brands.


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