Friday, May 24, 2024

Ticketing startup Ticket2Me gets Enrique Gil as CMO, equity partner

Digital ticketing and video platform Ticket2Me has announced the appointment of local celebrity Enrique Gil as its new chief marketing officer (CMO) and investor.

The announcement coincided with the company’s 5th anniversary, which provided an opportunity for the startup to reflect on its accomplishments over the years.

Gil, along with his manager Ranvel Rufino, a former private banker, will invest in Ticket2Me’s parent company in Singapore.

Additionally, they will acquire equity in the company and assume executive positions within the organization. As a result of their investment, both Enrique and Ranvel will receive a fair share of equity in the company.

Ranvel will join the company’s board of directors, while Enrique will step into the role of Ticket2Me’s CMO.

With Gil on board, Ticket2Me said it now has the opportunity to tap into new markets and create more efficient and effective ways of ticketing and monetizing events, benefitting both artists and fans alike.

“Enrique’s popularity and loyal fanbase is certainly a powerful addition to the Ticket2Me brand,” shares Ticket2Me chief executive officer Julie Bautista.

“We have been continuously investing to improve Ticket2Me’s technology, and we want more fans to experience better, more convenient event ticketing that won’t require them to have to physically line up to redeem tickets from physical outlets or force them to choose from among very limited payment options,” she added.

While emphasizing ongoing technology investment to enhance the ticketing experience, Bautista’s did not provide specific details about the advancements being made.

Since its launch, Ticket2Me has surpassed P100 million in sales, issuing over 680,000 tickets to 150,000 users, and collaborating with 450 organizers.

It introduced streaming services, produced the series “Boys Lockdown,” and are launching an upgraded platform for global expansion.

Ticket2Me also plans to open a Series A Funding Round, seeking partners who can provide additional funding.

Led by Gil and Rufino, Ticket2Me plans to launch two major projects to strengthen its position in the sports and music market segments.

“Manila Madness” will feature an All-Celebrity Basketball League, while “Madness Manila” will cater to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) enthusiasts.


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