Friday, June 14, 2024

Fortinet touts new security solutions that increase operational efficiency

Cybersecurity firm Fortinet, citing a study, said that companies using its security solutions have improved the operational efficiencies of its security teams by 86%.

Fortinet, which commissioned the study, said this also indicates that companies posted significant improvements in handling security incidents.

The company said the study aimed to assess the benefits of using Fortinet’s security solutions.

Fortinet said improving operational efficiencies leads to risk reduction and better productivity, potentially offering returns on investment in just a month.

According to Fortinet, the study involved talking to users about how long it takes to manage critical security tasks, like detecting, containing, and investigating incidents.

This information, combined with technical documents and industry data, helped establish benchmarks for time and cost savings, the US-based network security firm said.

The study revealed three key areas where organizations benefitted:

  1. Early Detection and Prevention (EDP): With the help of AI and advanced analytics, Fortinet’s EDP technologies dramatically cut down detection time from an average of 168 hours (about 3 weeks) to a few minutes or seconds. This also reduced the time it takes to deal with threats, making the process much faster.
  2. Central Analytics and Response Automation (CARA): Investigating threats became quicker, going from hours to minutes, thanks to Fortinet’s CARA components. The time needed to fix issues also decreased significantly.
  3. Training and preparation: Fortinet’s training efforts lowered the vulnerability to phishing attacks and improved incident readiness.

This resulted in less time spent by security teams on handling incidents. Some users reported an 84% drop in harmful link clicks.

By using EDP technologies alone, the average time per incident could decrease by 86%, saving almost a million dollars annually. Including CARA technologies could push these savings to as high as 99%.

Fortinet said at the core of its security approach is a blend of AI, machine learning, and integration. This covers various areas like networks, endpoints, applications, and the cloud.

By spotting elements that traditional security might miss, Fortinet’s solution strengthens defense and helps organizations get back to secure operations faster, the company said.


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