Thursday, May 23, 2024

DLSU suffers data security incident; multiple online systems compromised

On Monday, Oct. 9, the Information Technology Services Office of De La Salle University reported an incident on their servers, according to a help desk announcement from the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology of DLSU, as shared by The LaSallian.

Measures taken to prevent further incidents included blocking systems from outside traffic. Affected were the Animo Sys, MLS, Oracle Fusion, and Business Process Management System, as well as some locally hosted applications that are not accessible to the public.

The school then revealed on Tuesday, Oct. 10, that it was a data security incident which compromised their systems, as The LaSallian shared. Access to information systems had been restricted as a precaution and an external entity had been engaged for assistance by the University.

All university employees were required to immediately change their passwords for Google Workspace accounts, and two-factor authentication was enabled.

It also advised personnel not to turn on local PCs and that newly formatted computers would be issued to administrative offices. This was most likely due to the fact that malware on still-compromised workstations could spread once more throughout the network.

As of 9pm, Oct. 10, the website of De La Salle University was still down globally.

The school stated that it would coordinate with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) for assistance and appropriate action.


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