Friday, April 19, 2024

Carmen’s Best taps power of cloud with Cloud4C

In a strategic move to leverage the power of cloud technology, dairy firm Carmen’s Best has entered into a collaboration with cloud services provider Cloud4C to improve its operations and address critical business needs.

The investment in technology is expected to be a key enabler to drive rapid business expansion and growth, allowing the company to provide 100% fresh local dairy and ice cream products.

Metro Pacific Agro Ventures (MPAV) recently acquired Carmen’s Best, marking a milestone for the company and setting the stage for innovations and expertise in the dairy sector.

“Innovation is a key pillar in our business. We believe that fresh is always best, and the Filipino consumer deserves nothing less than fresh,” said Jovy Hernandez, president and CEO of MPAV.

“Innovation, however, is not just applicable to the products and the recipes we develop. Equally important is the role that innovation will play in improving our processes – making us more efficient while staying true to our no shortcuts culture and understanding our customers better. We are confident that enabling ourselves with the right technology will allow us to deliver the innovations that will matter to our customers and partners.”

The dairy industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with the integration of technology. Automation, data analytics, and cloud computing are reshaping various facets of dairy farming — from production and distribution to quality control and customer engagement.

In collaboration with Israel’s LR Group, MPAV is investing P2 billion to establish a state-of-the-art dairy facility in Bay, Laguna, with operations set to commence in 2025-2026.

“Our cloud solutions are not just about enhancing business operations; they’re about nurturing innovation. Together with Carmen’s Best, we are writing a new chapter in the industrialization of applications, where technology and tradition come together to create something truly exceptional,” emphasized Edler Panlilio, Cloud4C Philippines president and CEO.

The partnership between Carmen’s Best and Cloud4C aims to address critical business needs within the dairy industry. This includes streamlining supply chain operations, ensuring product traceability, and optimizing distribution channels.

Carmen’s Best also aims to increase local milk production to be able to meet demand and encourage more Filipinos consumer fresh dairy products.

But beyond making these products available, the mission extends to creating an inclusive dairy model that supports partner farmers, collaborates with the government, academe, and local communities to uplift the dairy industry as a whole.

Just this year, Carmen’s Best has doubled its ice cream revenues, and with all the plans driving its vision, is now positioned for faster growth in the coming years. 

SAP, an integral part of Carmen’s Best operations, enables real-time monitoring of sales, enhanced inventory management, and agile decision-making. Th technology empowers Carmen’s Best to meet growing demands, support local farmers, and drive operational excellence.

With SAP in place, Carmen’s Best now can monitor sales daily. This means that the company can track and analyze sales performance in real-time, allowing for a more agile and responsive approach to market dynamics.

This daily monitoring enables the identification of trends, patterns, and fluctuations, allowing the company to make informed decisions promptly.

The SAP implementation has significantly elevated Carmen’s Best’s ability to manage its customer relationships effectively. The platform facilitates a centralized and integrated customer management system, where relevant information about customers, their preferences, and purchasing behaviors is readily accessible. This leads to more personalized interactions, targeted marketing strategies, and ultimately, enhanced customer satisfaction.

The integration of SAP S/4 HANA on SAP RISE has streamlined processes related to sales monitoring and customer management.

By leveraging the capabilities of SAP S/4 HANA, Carmen’s Best can handle large volumes of sales data and customer information. Automation of routine tasks, data entry, and reporting not only reduces manual workload but also minimizes the likelihood of errors.


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