Thursday, February 29, 2024

Honor X9B 5G survives torture gauntlet ahead of PH launch

Ahead of the launch of the Honor X9B 5G in the Philippines, the smartphone put its proverbial money where its mouth is and also threw its hat in the ring by offering local media a firsthand trial of the phone’s much-touted durability.

At Honor Philippines’ Ultra Tough Challenge, held at Alpadi Estate in Antipolo, Rizal, on Jan. 9, attendees were able to put the X9b 5G through its paces, pitting it against everything from floor tiles to paintball bullets. In a string of friendly competitions, X9b 5G units were used as hammers, projectiles, and for target practice.

As expected, the phones survived the gauntlet despite smashing through multiple layers of ceramic and a 50-foot drop from a third-floor balcony. The X9b 5G was also pitted against the full weight of a Hummer SUV, which left the demo units unscathed and pristine despite the weight and grime.

Participants try their hand at target practice
The X9b 5G stood up to multiple punches

A bright and pristine screen despite the weight and grime of a Humvee
An Honor X9b 5G caught mid-flight after it was flung from a three-storey balcony
Who knew you could use a phone to break tiles and hollow blocks?

“Honor X9b 5G has been proven durable as the device was carefully studied and has undergone three tempering processes and we are sure that it can surpass the success of its predecessor. Advice for the public though, while we are confident that it will survive intense pressure, intentional dropping and smashing might still cause physical damage to the phone,” said Honor Philippines vice president Stephen Cheng in a press release.

The Honor X9b 5G touts 360° impact resistance by way of a micron-sized gap structure surrounding its innards. Its 120Hz curved Amoled display is complemented by a 108MP primary camera, a 5MP ultra-wide camera, and a 3x magnification capability. This is bolstered by its 5800 mAh Ultra-durable Battery, which is expected to provide all-day battery life.

The Honor X9b 5G will be officially launched in the Philippines via Facebook Live on January 12 at 7PM at this link.


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