Thursday, February 29, 2024

Pinoys are top consumers of online videos globally, says report

Filipinos are truly avid Internet users, ranking among the top consumers of online video content globally, according to a new report.

According to the Digital 2024 report, published by We Are Social and media intelligence firm Meltwater, a whopping 97.2% of Filipinos watch online videos weekly, surpassing the global average of 92%.

Music videos are particularly popular, with 72.7% tuning in, exceeding the global average by a significant margin.

Filipinos even use video for learning, ranking second globally with 58.3% seeking knowledge through online tutorials and how-to guides.

On a per-country basis, those high percentages of online video viewers include Mexico (97% percent), South Africa (97%), Indonesia (96.9%), Ghana (96.8%), Brazil (96.4%), Colombia (96.3%), Morocco (96.2%), Turkey (96.2%), and UAE (96.2%).

When it comes to vlogs and influencer content, Filipinos reign supreme. A staggering 50.7% follow vloggers weekly, dwarfing the global average of 23.8%. This passion for online personalities places the Philippines at the top of the vlog-loving chart.

The report further said Filipinos are also avid gamers, ranking second globally with 95.9% playing video games online. Only Indonesia edged the Philippines with a slightly higher percentage.

Unsurprisingly, mobile phones are the preferred internet access device for Filipinos, with 98.9% using them to stay connected. This translates to an average of 5 hours and 20 minutes spent online daily via mobile, the highest globally.

The report further said the Philippines boasts a vibrant social media scene, with 99.7% of internet users having active social media identities, and Filipinos spending an average of 3 hours and 34 minutes on these platforms, ranking fourth globally in terms of social media time.

While Internet penetration is increasing in the Philippines, it still lags behind the global average at 73.6%. Additionally, streaming music and podcast usage remain relatively low compared to other activities.


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