Thursday, July 25, 2024

PH startup Hati Health wins insurtech award in Singapore

Hati Health, a digital platform dedicated to promoting women’s health for the Philippines, was proclaimed winner of the InsureTech Connect Asia Awards 2024 held on June 6 in Singapore.

After competing and earning the spot to represent the Philippines, Hati Health CEO and co-founder Maria Gaitanidou presented Hati Health alongside six other insurtech start-ups from across the region, including India, Japan, and Thailand, in front of a group of veteran investors, insurtech experts and industry insiders.

The unique model and value proposition of Hati Health as an insurance and HMO-enabler, and employer benefits platform, offering specialized care for women, attracted the interest of the judges who declared Hati Health as the regional winner of the awards.

By providing a more personalized approach to one-size-fits-all healthcare and insurance solutions, Hati Health works with insurance companies and employers to promote women’s health through on-demand access to products and services, including telehealth, symptom checking, holistic wellness plans and education.

Key innovation within the platform is the AI-powered Hati chatbot that creates a more personalized wellness experience for women of all ages by providing recommendations, seamless interactive experience to find out tips and advice, and get matched with an experienced doctor from the platform.

The platform is also accessible to all women even if their employer is not yet affiliated with Hati Health.

With more 50% of the workforce being female, yet spending over 18% more than male counterparts in healthcare (excluding maternity expenses), many have been struggling to navigate through healthcare and find the appropriate solution for them.

Hati Health enables insurance organizations and high growth inclusive workplaces to put Diversity Equality and Inclusion (DEI) into action, and address the real healthcare needs of their employees and their dependents.


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