Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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BLOG | Network access for sale: How much are keys to your castle?

Like any e-commerce community, underground criminal forums aim to establish a “circle of trust” that enables criminals to do business with each other with a reasonable degree of confidence.

Q & A | Multi-cloud vs hybrid: Looking for the perfect fit

With the widespread acceptance of deployment models comes the question -- what is the perfect fit for your organization?

INCOGNITO | Are credit card details sensitive personal information?

If credit card details sensitive personal information, where is it in the Data Privacy Act (DPA) — the country’s data protection law — does it say that?

iTHINK | Change, reinvention, and standing the test of time

Perhaps the only thing as constant as change is people’s resistance to change.

BLOG | 5 steps to plan your digital transformation

There is now an urgent need for businesses to reconsider their infrastructure, their business model, and their ways of doing transactions.

INCOGNITO | Why EU standard contractual clauses matter for PH companies

If your organization has peers based in the European Union (EU) and their relationship involves the transfer of personal data originating from that region, you should take note of the new set of standard contractual clauses (SCCs) adopted last June by the European Commission (EC).

BLOG | Why Tokyo 2020 is set to champion women’s rights like never before

Tokyo 2020 could well be a turning point for equality.

INCOGNITO | Checking on the PhilSys

The government has succeeded in selling the idea of a secure, comprehensive ID system that is supposedly long overdue and only has good things to bring to this country. On that premise, the people must hold it to its word and, if necessary, take it to task.

iTHINK | Not the time to be choosy — go get vaxxed!

While the number of new Covid-19 infections in the country has been decreasing daily, we must still be vigilant.

BLOG | Responsible applications of technology drive real change

The general manager of international business unit for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence points to examples of the transformative effect of technology.

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