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Kaspersky: Maze ransomware gaining momentum in Southeast Asia

Kaspersky: Maze ransomware gaining momentum in SE Asia

Since May 2019, malicious actors have been deploying the sophisticated Windows ransomware Maze that does not stop at encrypting a private organization’s data, but also steals the same data and threatens to release it to the public and the media if ransom is not paid.

Solon pushing for additional P3.2-billion budget for CICC

The main function of the CICC, however, is now merely confined to just coordinating anti-cybercrime efforts among law enforcement agencies. Republic Act 10844 — the law that created the DICT — transferred the cybersecurity and anti-cybercrime powers of the CICC and its executive director to the DICT.

Top online security concerns for Pinoys: Dating, financial matters, shopping

In the middle of the pandemic, it was revealed in a recent Kaspersky survey that when it comes to online security, Filipinos are now most concerned about their online activities such as dating and meeting people (86%) as well as their financial transactions (85%) and shopping activities (75%).

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