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US, UK raise alarm on cybercriminals targeting work-from-home individuals

In a joint advisory, the UK’s National Cyber Seurity Centre and the US Department of Homeland Security said cybercriminals are “scanning for known vulnerabilities in remote working tools and software, which is evidence that they are looking to take advantage of the increase in people working from home.”

Data protection ranks as top security issue in SE Asia

Based on the interviews conducted with nearly 300 IT business decision-makers in SEA last year, companies fear data loss and being exposed to a targeted attack the most (34%), followed by electronic leakage of data from internal systems (31%).

SEC warns investors against 5 online, crypto firms

In separate advisories dated April 7, the SEC warned the public against investing in Cryptec, CryptoPeso, V2R Trades, Lao Razon Trading and/or Lao Razon Marketing, and Sakto Online Advertising.

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