Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Accenture Philippines

‘Hybrid’ workplace will be the norm for Pinoy firms, Accenture says

Accenture says the hybrid arrangement — where employees are expected to spend time working from home and time working in the office — is just one the technology trends that companies should be bracing for in light of the massive changes that Covid-19 has brought.

Companies must embrace change to become innovative enterprises in new reality

Companies across industries are reimagining everything they used to know and are rebuilding their operations.

Accenture adopts ‘Let there be change’ tagline in biggest brand move in decade

In what it said is its biggest brand move in a decade, tech firm Accenture has launched a sweeping brand campaign and new company purpose designed to embrace change.

Accenture PH picks winners in annual tech contest for students

Team MoveMapua’s BayaniHub application emerged as the “Program The Future 2020” grand champion. Developed by students from Mapua University, BayaniHub is an end-to-end solution that showcases the future of public transportation through smart transit ads in modern jeepneys.

Outmaneuvering uncertainty through innovative technology and intelligent solutions

Accenture has encouraged an innovation-first culture even before the pandemic, and is best positioned to rise above the "next normal" challenges.

AI tapped in tripartite initiative to save coral reefs in PH

Tech firms Accenture and Intel have teamed up with Philippine-based Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation to develop a new solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor, characterize, and analyze coral reef resiliency.

Accenture report says firms need new approach to tackle tech fatigue

A report from Accenture said that “tech-clash” – a clash between business and technology models – is creating conflict with people’s needs and expectations.

Study: Firms that invest on tech earn twice than ‘laggards’

Companies that use more strategic approaches in using technology grow more than twice in revenue compared to slow-adopting competitors.

Accenture cited as Best Workplace and Industry Champion in Asia

The ACES Awards recognized Accenture for its people-centric programs in empowering its workforce and providing its employees with enriching professional and career opportunities.

Mentorship is ‘hidden’ prize in Accenture’s ‘Program The Future’ challenge in PH

Accenture employees volunteered their time and skills to help students shape and bring their ideas into reality.
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