Accenture cited as Best Workplace and Industry Champion in Asia

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Accenture was named Best Workplace of the Year and Industry Champion at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2019 ceremonies recently held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo shows (from left) Bing Paraguas, human resources talent strategy lead; Sheryll Quito, technology human resources lead; Ambe Tierro, technology lead in the Philippines and global AI capability lead; Lito Tayag, country managing director; Ira Reyes, country human resources lead; Andrew Vo, human resources lead in Africa and Asia Pacific; and Louise Sabariaga, country marketing and communications lead

Organized by the MORS Group, the ACES Awards recognized Accenture for its people-centric programs in empowering its workforce and providing its employees with enriching professional and career opportunities.

“We are honored to be recognized in Asia for our best practices that reaffirm our commitment to build diverse talent and drive innovation to fuel growth in the digital age,” said Lito Tayag, country managing director of Accenture in the Philippines.

Accenture received the Best Workplace of the Year award for its talent training and development initiatives that help enable employees to expand their skillsets, while still pursuing their passions and making a difference in business and society.

The company received the Industry Champion award — given to companies that demonstrate the ability to evolve the focus of their enterprises along with the dynamic changes of the industries they serve — for its innovation-led initiatives that help drive the digital transformation of its clients’ businesses and for applying new technologies in operations to deliver business outcomes.

“As an industry pioneer and trailblazer, Accenture is helping companies accelerate their adoption of new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics,” said Ambe Tierro, who leads Accenture’s Technology business in the Philippines and its artificial intelligence capability globally.

“Similar to how we pivoted our business to leverage digital and other innovative technologies, we are leading the charge in transforming our talent to deliver higher value and comprehensive solutions that help companies pivot their businesses and gain the competitive advantage amidst continuous digital disruptions.”

Ira Reyes, Accenture’s human resources lead in the Philippines, said, “We are committed at creating a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace where our employees feel they belong and are empowered to be the best that they can be every day. We believe that this culture of equality drives innovation and nurtures a mindset for continuous learning and training among our employees to remain successful and relevant in the digital age.”

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