Monday, May 27, 2024
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Mobile trading revolution: How forex trading apps are changing the game

The forex trading landscape has undergone a massive shift in recent years, thanks largely to the rise of mobile trading apps, and with no laws preventing forex trading in the Philippines, it’s a great time to have a go at exploring the foreign exchange markets.

5 ‘vicious’ mobile malware hounding PH users identified

These types of mobile malware get into computers through infected attachments, manipulated text messages or fake websites and can read passwords, record keyboard strokes or take the entire computer hostage.

Toyota PH upgrades mobile app to ‘elevate’ customer experience

The myTOYOTA app, now available for download for Android and iOS users, provides customers with a unified platform to enable them to access information and services they need from car-buying to after-sales and maintenance with a single app.

Homesick Pinoys in Dubai develop app to pick up news from home

Unable to come home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Filipino tech experts in Dubai have developed a mobile app that generates information from reliable news organizations.

Sophos says it has uncovered 167 fake Android, iOS crypto apps

Attackers are using the apps to steal money from people who believe they have installed a financial trading, banking, or cryptocurrency app from a well-known and trusted organization.

Christmas App | A Call From Santa Claus!

Years ago, kids were asked to write to Santa Claus. Now, they get to "call" Santa Claus! (Disclaimer: This is for fun. It simulates a convo with Santa, but you won't actually talk to the real Santa...or any of his representatives.)

Check This App | RunPee tells you when to run and pee during movies

Is this an app you want in your life?

Check This App | AccuWeather tells you when to bring umbrellas

A free weather app is definitely a must-have and we found one that suits our needs.

Digital Love Scene | Top 3 lies in online dating profiles

When your online search for love starts with lies, maybe you should look for love elsewhere.

MODERN TWIST | GoCube is Rubik’s Cube gone digital

The Rubik's Cube is a timeless toy that has been given a digital makeover.
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