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Parents who are going all out in making their kids believe in Santa Claus will find this simple app quite useful. It will give kids some kind of “proof” that there’s a kind old man from the North Pole whose main tasks is to give Christmas gifts to kids all over the world.

A Call From Santa Claus! is a free Android app that makes it seem like Santa Claus is calling. We tried it out on an Android phone and it worked pretty much as promised. We say that it’s for kids who are three years old to five years old. (Older kids will immediately figure out that this is a not legit.)

Since the app would be used by kids, we took an added precaution by taking out the SIM card. The publisher is identified only as “SantaClaus.”

In any case, you don’t need data or an Internet connection to get it to work. Once you download it, you can go right ahead and “schedule” Santa’s calls. Once the call is answered, the voice of Santa begins the standard spiel. The voice pauses to let kids answer Santa’s questions. There’s also an option to leave message for Santa.

We like how this app is not too complicated. We also appreciate the disclaimer that the publisher wrote: “A Call From Santa Claus! is only made for fun. It will not connect with the real Santa Claus. In fact, I don’t even have the phone number of real Santa. Often I also pretend calling Santa with this app.”

In any case, there are a lot of similar Santa Claus apps out there. Parents just have to test these apps before they let their kids use them. It’s also best if a parent or adult supervises the kids when they’re using the app or when they are using gadgets in general.

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