Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Top 5 benefits of the BPI EMV Debit Mastercard

Customers are enjoying the added convenience and security of the BPI EMV Debit Mastercard.

BLOG | Know your enemy: The social engineer

BPI's data protection officer and enterprise information security officer talks about social engineers and how they target their victims.

QR Code benefit: One-touch help for family and friends in need

You can make quick, error-free, and secure money transfers during emergencies with the use of QR Codes.

New Era | The advent of automated banking

BPI continues to make 24/7 banking accessible to its customers with the latest version of its mobile app and a newly revamped website.

BPI embarks on bold digitalization journey to hasten financial inclusion

BPI enterprise services head Ramon Jocson said the process of digitalization, despite inevitable hiccups along the journey, will eventually lead to exceptional customer experience as more people gain confidence in doing online and mobile transactions.

BPI set to roll out biometric, security-enhanced mobile app

The new BPI mobile app, which will become available in Google Play and Apple App Store on May 15, has added more built-in security features, including One-time PIN and biometric log-in.

BPI ATM praised for ‘selfie-worthy lighting’

Perhaps, BPI should consider promoting its ATMs as selfie booths as well.

DLSU hooks up with SAS, BPI for risk mgm’t and data analytics program

The pioneering academe-industry program aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to become future risk managers and data analysts.

IoT adoption in PH remains in infancy, experts say

Since human beings intend to live longer, IoT can deploy technologies that can help remind us to take medicine, or, for that matter, avoid eating food that has gone bad, the BPI executive said.

iTHINK | Social media and the trolls under the bridge

In this space seemingly overtaken by fake news, cyber bullies, and self-aggrandizers, what?s left for those of us who just want to have a bit of fun, and maybe make the world a little bit brighter and better?
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