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QR Code benefit: One-touch help for family and friends in need

When emergencies arise, we all wish that we could immediately send help to our family and friends. Ideally, it would be nice to do so without them having to ask for it.

While it may take time to send items they need, it’s possible to send them financial assistance quickly through a bank?s online facility or mobile banking app.

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It is important to ensure that the money transfers made via digital channels go through without a hitch. Admittedly, there are times when we key in the wrong account number. This is such a hassle especially when your relatives and friends need the money ASAP. This is where the Quick Response (QR) Code comes in handy.

In a TechTarget feature, the QR Code is defined as “a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.”

The beta versions of BPI’s new online and mobile banking platforms are now equipped with a QR Code Generator. Just like a bank account number, the QR Code is unique for each BPI savings or checking account. So, instead of sending you their account numbers, you can ask your relatives and friends to use the BPI online or mobile app generator so they can send their QR Codes to you. (See below: “BPI FAQs on QR Codes.”)

Instead of manually typing the recipient?s account number, you can now transfer funds to anyone via the new BPI online and mobile banking facilities by simply selecting the QR Code saved on your computer or mobile phone.

The money transfer is completely secure as the QR Codes can only be read and used using BPI’s online and mobile app platforms.

Our tip: You don’t have to wait for an emergency before you get your loved ones’ QR Codes. Ask them to use the BPI online or mobile app generator right now so they can send their QR Codes to you. This way, you already have them saved and ready for use when needed.

BPI FAQs on QR Codes

1. How can I get a QR Code for my account?
You can generate a QR Code using the beta versions of BPI’s new online and mobile banking platforms. After logging in, go to Other Services, then tap QR generator. Choose the account number that you want to get a QR Code for. You will see the nominated nickname and masked account number. Save the QR code in your Photo Gallery. You can now start sending it to people who need to transfer money to you.

2. Can I change the nickname that the app assigned?
Yes, you can change the nominated nickname to your preferred name, as long as it?s within the 10-character limit. Simply edit the nickname before saving the QR Code.

3. What transaction can I do using the QR Code?
Transfer via QR code is now available. More transactions using the QR Code will be available soon.

4. I have 3 accounts. Can I have a QR code for each?
Yes, you can generate a QR Code for each account that you own.

5. Can other people see my account information using third party QR Code scanner/reader apps?
No, the QR Code for your account can only be used on the BPI Online and Mobile Banking platforms. It will not work using third party QR scanners/readers.


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