Sunday, April 21, 2024
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New study reveals countries moving away from cash

The research indicated that how ready a country is to move to a cashless society is determined by factors like the accessibility and affordability of financial services; the scale and market share of retailers; the level of technology that is available; and participation of consumers in the formal economy.

Czech-made software seeks to manage social media users in workplace

The Safetica software from the Czech Republic is designed to control Internet and social media use at the workplace to address significant productivity issues for employers.

PH posts lone positive mark in Asian cloud computing survey

In the study, the Philippines was the only country that recorded a positive grade in the use of the cloud. In the Asean market, Singapore and Malaysia were tagged as the countries with the most pervasive cloud implementations but their level of adoption on an annual basis remained static.

LG flagship phone G2 makes splashing PH debut

The LG G2?s design stems from behavioral studies and features the world?s first Rear Key, which is used for switching on and off, activating LG?s QuickMemo, and launching the 13-megapixel Full HD camera.

Ericsson unveils ?revolutionary? indoor wireless system

The Swedish telecom equipment maker is launching a cellular radio that is small enough to fit a person's hand, but provides enough indoor network coverage for a crowd.

P1-B scam incites hackers to attack Malampaya website

Infuriated by the alleged P1-billion scam perpetrated by lawmakers and businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles from the Malampaya fund, local hackers attacked the online site of the foundation connected to the gas fund.

TEARDOWN | Apple continues familiar design, pricing with iPhone 5c

Far from the major departure that many had expected, the iPhone 5c turned out to follow Apple's familiar formula, combining premium pricing with a hardware design almost completely identical to the original iPhone 5.

Teardown reveals iPhone 5s hardware costs $199 to make

Apple?s new flagship product ? the iPhone 5s ? features some cutting-edge components that represent pioneering achievements for the smartphone market while maintaining a nearly identical cost compared to the iPhone 5.

‘Groundbreaking’ mobile education project unveiled

Spearheaded by the GSM Association, the ?mEducation? project involves the Department of Education and Tesda, together with Digitel Mobile Philippines, Globe Telecom, and Smart Communications.

Fujifilm takes bold shot at PH market with new ‘film’ camera

The Mini 90 Neo Classic, which produces instant photos similar to the Polaroid film cameras, comes in a two-tone retro-look design.
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