ABS-CBN files copyright infringement case against Canadian firm

Acting on reports from its own customers, broadcast giant ABS-CBN has sued a Canadian firm called Dazcon for selling set-top boxes that enabled buyers to illegally access hundreds of ABS-CBN’s copyrighted movies and TV shows.

The Dazcon storefront in Kennedy Square Mall in Brampton, Ontario

The suit filed by ABS-CBN against Dazcon seeks damages of $5 million for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and enabling and inducing copyright infringement of ABS-CBN’s copyrighted works.

Dazcon is located in a popular shopping area in Kennedy Square Mall at 50 Kennedy Road South, Unit 60D, Brampton, Ontario.

“We are very thankful that concerned ABS-CBN customers notified us of Dazcon’s illicit activities that we were able to confirm,” said ABS-CBN AVP and head of global anti-piracy Elisha Lawrence.

ABS-CBN Canada country manager Raymund Abog said the best way to fight piracy is a partnership between the customers and the community. “This case is a clear example of proactive ABS-CBN customers acting on what they witnessed first-hand as illegal activities of piracy in the community. Their action will help prevent content pirates from profiting illegally on unsuspecting consumers.”

David Lipkus, counsel for ABS-CBN in Canada, said, “The dangers associated with using illegal set-top boxes are real, because they may not have been tested pursuant to Canadian safety standards. I urge all Canadians to be careful and not put their homes and family at risk by plugging in a potentially dangerous set-top box.”

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