Tuesday, July 23, 2024

E-commerce firm unveils ‘online seal’ solution in PH

Skyy Services, a Hong Kong-based provider of e-commerce solutions, has just launched in the Philippines its SkyyGuard service, an online trust seal solution for government, private, and public regulatory agencies worldwide.

SkyyGuard’s online trust seal solution takes a proactive approach in detecting and preventing online fraud for its clients.

With the increasing proliferation of information on the Internet, SkyyGuard works in conjunction with government and regulatory agencies to authenticate and verify the identity of each operator as well as validate the integrity of each operator’s website.

SkyyGuard also provides proactive phishing and copycat protection against hackers and scammers, thereby eliminating fraudulent activities.

Displaying the SkyyGuard online trust seal enhances the trust and confidence of the operator’s credentials in the online space.

“Customers now have a way to distinguish the difference between a legitimate and a non-legitimate website,” said Dolores Meek, general manager of Skyy Services in the Philippines. “This is an indispensable tool that will enable operators to improve their customers’ perception of safety and trust when transacting online.”

SkyyGuard inspires consumer confidence in any Web business, thereby maximizing visitor conversions and ultimately, revenues. Customers can enjoy the benefits of transparency, accountability and choice when transacting in SkyyGuard validated websites.


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