Gov?t urged to invest more in CCTVs, crime labs

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Noting the recent spate of gun-related violence in the country, Senate minority leader Alan Peter Cayetano has urged the government to install more closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and to upgrade the crime laboratories of the police force.


“The national government is not investing here. But every CCTV camera you install is almost equivalent to having ten to twenty policemen securing that area covered by the camera because it multiplies the ability of the police to monitor the situation,” he said.

The lawmaker used malls with CCTVs as proof of the merit of this suggestion as he noted the difference in the incidence of crimes in these establishments when compared to marketplaces with no CCTVs.

“Why are there lower incidences of stealing and robbery in malls as compared to market places? It’s not because the people are different. People of all walks of life go to the same mall. It’s because they know that someone is monitoring them and that there are CCTVs,” he said.

Cayetano also pointed out that the government should invest in upgrading the quality of the country’s crime labs to aid in gathering evidence and therefore speeding up the process of obtaining justice for crime victims.

“We expect our policemen to solve crimes quickly. But how can they when they don’t even have the most basic of equipment? How can they gather fingerprints and analyze them when they don’t have the material and the technology to do so?” he said.

“This is why I don’t entirely blame policemen for the slow crawl of their investigations. How can they operate effectively if their crime labs are empty?” he added.

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