Friday, June 21, 2024

SAP fortifies in-memory database with new biz suite

German enterprise software maker SAP, whose dominance of the business software market is being confronted by the emergence of cloud computing, is building up its arsenal in in-memory database technology with the recent unveiling of a business suite that runs on SAP HANA database platform.

SAP Asia Pacific execs Stephen Watts (left) and Anthony McMahon during the launch of the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA in Singapore

At a modest event at its regional office in Singapore, SAP Asia Pacific and Japan president Stephen Watts led the launch of “SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA” as the newest addition to the company’s in-memory technology.

Watts said the SAP has no doubt that the latest business application will be a hit among enterprise users as he disclosed that the company sold 392 million Euros in SAP HANA licenses in 2012.

Unlike traditional database products from Oracle and IBM, the SAP HANA database technology leverages on the speed of multi-core processors and solid-state drives to process analytical and transactional applications in a single in-memory platform.

SAP has labeled the HANA database technology as its most significant innovation yet since the company’s flagship ERP product.

“This is our biggest development in 40 years. The software that reinvented the industry is also now being reinvented,” said Watts. “Our vision is to reinvent data and the applications industry.”

SAP said this breakthrough technology is designed to deliver new business value across end-to-end business processes and will fundamentally change the way companies do business and interact with each other.

A broad variety of business scenarios — including marketing analysis, financial close, receivables management, material resource planning, as well as consumer and social sentiment analysis — and the most-used operational reporting and analytics have been specifically optimized to deliver the highest value to customers, the company said.

The software maker said customers can now manage all mission-critical business processes in real time such as planning, execution, reporting, and analysis by using the same relevant live data.

Shyam Prasad, vice president for applications at SAP Southeast Asia, said one innovation of in-memory database technology is embedded analytics.

“This allows better and faster things to be done in ways never before possible,” the executive said.

Anthony McMahon, senior vice president for platform solutions at SAP Asia Pacific and Japan, pointed out, however, that SAP Business Suite runs on all major databases in the industry, although it is optimized for SAP HANA.

“SAP remains committed to support its customers’ choice of database technologies and vendors. SAP will continue to provide innovation for all databases supported and work with its database partners to support these innovations, which may include in-memory optimizations,” it said.

For customers that choose to migrate to SAP HANA, SAP said it is providing a set of services and rapid-deployment solutions, as well as trained implementation consultants from its large ecosystem of partners.

“A special rapid-deployment solution, planned to be released in the first quarter of 2013, will be designed for customers to go live in less than six months and will offer a complete package of preconfigured software, implementation services, content and end user enablement for a fixed price and scope,” it said.

To further accelerate adoption, SAP said it used feedback from SAP user groups and customers and tuned its pricing model to be similar to how customers currently purchase databases.

The company said the pricing model is also being planned for SAP Business All-in-One solutions to allow companies of all sizes to use SAP HANA.


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