Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Cloud adoption a necessity for enterprises, says Cloud4C

The Philippines is poised to conquer its digital natives given its pace of technology adoption, the population, and the general mindset towards technology-driven innovation, said Debdeep Sengupta Cloud4C global president and chief revenue officer in an interview with Newsbytes.PH.

Cloud4C Philippines president and chief executive officer Edler Panlilio

Sengupta also highlighted the importance of achieving a sovereign cloud in the country which are traditionally designed to meet regulatory and judiciary requirements surrounding data access, privacy, and control.

“Based on what I’ve seen through various interactions, I’m very enthusiastic with our potential as Cloud4C across various regions and markets. Cloud makes bringing innovation to the users faster, that’s why it has become so popular,” he said.

Cloud4C Philippines president and CEO Edler Panlilio acknowledges that a significant chunk of the enterprises which started investing on cloud technology have ended up supporting multi-cloud environments (i.e. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

As an application-focused cloud managed services provider with its own private cloud infrastructure in the Philippines, born out of its partnership with German software company SAP, Panlilio says Cloud4C is now opening up its business to manage non-SAP workloads moving forward.

“Cloud4C comes in to simplify the management of these workloads. I think that is a very unique proposition. There are industries that are very particular about data residency – you have the government, the financial services, the government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs),” he added.

A recent prediction by Gartner sees that more than 80% of the global data flow will be on the cloud by 2025. Virtual platforms are increasingly becoming the new reality for enterprises who are building their businesses on the agility and resilience of the cloud.

During a presentation, Cloud4C cited how it is helping Manila Water, the concessionaire of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) and a customer of Cloud4C in the country, in preventing outages and performance lags by preparing for the expected rise in incoming traffic.

The digital transformation initiative involved an assessment of Manila Water’s pre-existing IT infrastructure and security, and the deployment of a Geographical Disaster Recovery on Microsoft Azure.

Cloud4C considers cloud adoption not just as a technological forward move for enterprises but an imperative business decision necessary for survival and growth, with mission-critical domains now seen as the next “logical step” in the digital transformation journey.

In a nutshell, Cloud4C caters primarily to enterprises who are undergoing their respective modernization and digital transformation journeys. While Cloud4C handles the brunt of the technical process management for a customer, these organizations will now be able to direct their efforts towards business operations and their customers. 

“I think what has happened in the last two years has possibly accelerated and made us realize that we can live in this hybrid world – or what I call the two-speed world of the physical and the digital, and someday in the future for every organization and every individual, paths will merge,” Sengupta concluded.

This month of December, Cloud4C announced that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency status as a recognition to its expertise in helping customers implement continuous integration and automate infrastructure provisioning and management via AWS tools.


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