Pinoy photog wins Epson International Pano Awards

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A Filipino photographer has won one of the major categories of the Epson International Pano Awards. The overall winner of the 2014 Open competition is Manila-born Dennis Ramos from the USA.

His winning image is also first in the Open ? Built Environment category.

The winning photo of Dennis Ramos
The winning photo of Dennis Ramos

Earlier this year, Epson invited professional and amateur photographers around the world to enter the international contest and compete for approximately $40,000 in cash and prizes.

This year, the competition received 3,971 entries from 870 photographers in 54 countries. The fifth Epson International Pano Awards is dedicated to the art of panoramic photography.

On his winning photo, Dennis said, ?It was a beautiful cloudless day with some patches of rolling fog over the bridge. My friend and I decided to go fishing that mid-afternoon. I found out that my reel wasn’t working so I grabbed my camera gear instead. I took a lot of shots around including this long exposure panoramic shot of the bridge. It took me a lot of time waiting and shooting in between the fog to get a good exposure. While waiting during long exposure times, I wished I had my fishing rod as well.?

Ramos moved to the US after finishing a degree in medical science. His interest in digital photography began in 2008, starting with artistic portraiture using mixed lighting and eventually evolving into fine art landscape.

In his Facebook page, Ramos expressed his enthusiasm about the award.

The overall winner of the 2014 Amateur competition is Ben Neale ( from Australia. His winning image was first in the Amateur ? Nature category, and remarkably also the winner of the Open ? Nature category and overall Open runner-up.

In addition, Neale is runner-up in Amateur ? Nature, with a second stunning aerial image, and also wins Highest Scoring Aerial Image.

?Without a doubt this world-class photographic competition represents an ever increasing standard of quality in both image capture and print. Each year we are seeing more and more captivating entries and the outstanding quality continues to impress me,? said Craig Heckenberg, business unit manager for Epson Australia.

Advances in digital photography and editing software have resulted in a surge in the popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. Panoramic film photography also remains alive and well.

The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography.

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