Takatack SG rolls out e-commerce hub for pre?school educators, parents

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Takatack Technologies (Takatack SG), the digital commerce unit of Philippine?based technology company Voyager Innovations, introduced the Preschool Marketplace, a one-?stop e-commerce shopping hub for products and services related to early childhood education in Singapore.


The initiative is a collaboration of Takatack SG as the e-commerce partner of the Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) and Preschool Market.

The Preschool Market runs on Takatack (www.takatack.com), the online shopping discovery platform in the Philippines that is also available in Singapore and Malaysia.

Launched in time for the Singapore World Water Day Carnival at Bedok Reservoir, the Preschool Marketplace aims to make the procurement process for sourcing pre?school related supplies and materials more efficient and convenient for schools, teachers, and vendors. It is also a shopping platform for parents who would like to purchase learning materials for young children.

?This is a much-anticipated initiative that would help to support the Preschool Community. Aside from helping defray operational procurement issues, this marketplace can also help to provide synergy for the industry,? said Christine Chen, president of AECES.

By gathering all different products and services into a single portal, the Preschool Marketplace makes it easier for school administrators to keep track of their purchases and order history. It thus transforms the chaos of ordering from multiple vendors into a coordinated and systematic procurement process.

?It saves us a lot of time and convenience sourcing products from the marketplace, and we?re also able to make comparisons on the prices without checking with various vendors. We feel safe ordering from Preschool Marketplace as well, as the vendors are well-known in our industry,? said Ms. Wee, principal of Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten.

The Preschool Marketplace is a joint effort of Takatack SG, along with Preschool Market, a social enterprise supported by the Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES), which provides early childhood practitioners, children, and their parents with meaningful projects and engagements.

?With the Preschool Marketplace, school administrators no longer have to go running around from vendor to vendor. They can find all that they need in a single location, feel safe in knowing that these vendors produce high quality products and services, and focus on what they do best ? educating our young,? said Damian Chow, chief operating officer of Takatack SG.

?We are excited to see this collaboration succeed in Singapore. The Preschool Marketplace is not only beneficial because it gathers all these products and services into a single location, but in doing so it gives school administrators all the conveniences of eCommerce. Rather than go out and canvas in the city for vendors, they can pick and choose right there from their desktop,? said Mitch Padua, head of digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

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