Acer deploys ?Predator? gaming system in PH

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Taiwanese tech giant Acer has formally introduced in the country its ?Predator? gaming line, joining a list of computer manufacturers who are obsessed on capturing a portion of the booming multi-billion gaming industry.


Launched last week in a warrior-like environment at the Glorietta mall in Makati City, the Predator gaming line includes the Predator G3 and Predator G1 desktops, the Predator 15 laptop, the Predator 8 gaming tablet, the Predator X34, the world?s first 34-inch curved gaming monitor, and the Predator Z650 short-throw projector.

?The Predator has always been known to be a tough and rugged gaming brand and we will keep it that way. The Philippines has been tagged to be a haven for both serious gamers and enthusiasts and we know they?ll love the Predator, which has now expanded from a desktop to include several other devices built for the gamer in everybody. We?re quite excited with what the Predator can offer to Filipino gamers, something they haven?t seen in other brands,? said Steven J. Funcke, Predator marketing manager and global representative.


While it holds so much power, the Predator gaming system also has some killer looks with its edgy razor-like designs. The Predator G3, for instance, has an armor-clad design and can open up for future modifications, something serious gamers like to do to amp up their rig?s performance.

While relatively small, the Predator G1?s compact body has the same armor-inspired design like its Predator G3 sibling. It is small, but its Intel Core processor allows it to exude superior gaming capabilities.

The Predator 15 laptop, meanwhile, is characterized by bold highlights, razor sharp angles, and dynamic geometry. Its black-and-red color combo speaks vividly of its immense power. The unique thermal rib design also establishes a lasting impression, an aura of power and high performance. Its customized LED-backlit keyboard and fiberglass frame make gaming truly immersive and game all you want since the Predator 15?s allows for superior and robust stance.


Sleek and edgy are the words to describe the Predator 8 gaming tablet. Its dynamic hairbrush lines on its aluminum rear cover speak of energy and power, while its 4 Dolby Audio stainless steel front speakers are impressively designed as well.

The Predator X34 34-inch monitor, on the other hand, can give the chills with that curved view, immersing the gamer further in the world that?s totally unseen in the gaming field. Its zero-frame design fully also supports multiple monitor setups.


Lastly, the Predator Z650 short-throw projector is about epic gaming fully amplified in terms of visuals. The Predator Z650 can enlarge the war zone to as large as 100 inches from a short 1.5-meter distance for that intimidating display. Fierce visual clarity can be projected wirelessly with its full HD display while the Hidden Dongle design comes with a built-in chamber for power supply.

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