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Hooq unveils no-ads service; says over 1 million Filipinos now ‘hooked’

By Edd K. Usman

Video-on-demand (VOD) service provider Hooq is introducing its new no-ads service for the first time in the Philippines where over a million viewers are now part of company’s more than three million users in Southeast Asia.

2013 Miss World Megan Youngis also Hooq's brand ambassador
2013 Miss World Megan Youngis also Hooq’s brand ambassador

Hooq said its launch of its “freemium” model in SEA signals the start of its mobile-first user experience “built in Asia for Asia.”

At a media launch on Oct. 6, the company’s officials led by CEO Peter Bithos and Hooq Philippines country manager Jane Cruz-Walker, chief marketing officer (CMO) Ravi Vora, and other executives walked local journalists through their new offering, promising more excitement.

“We are very excited to introduce this hybrid model as it gives customers more control over their purchase decision. This new hybrid model is a result of what we have learnt over the past year after studying usage patterns and speaking to numerous customers and understanding what they want in a VOD service,” said Bithos.

Hooq was born out of the collaboration of Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Brothers and is recognized as Asia’s first premium VOD service launched across the region.

The company cited the new app?s development, saying Hooq’s in-house team has been working hard at it for nearly nine months, anchored by a new back-end framework focused on a faster and higher quality streaming experience for the customer.

Mobile users on iOS, Android, web, Chromecast and Android set-top box can access and use the app. Additionally, Hooq will be accessible on Airplay and mobile web.

“We know that our customers are mostly enjoying Hooq on their mobile devices so it was a natural decision that we enhanced the entire Hooq platform to give customers a best in class mobile-first experience,? Cruz-Walker said.

At present, the Hooq operates in the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Indonesia, which comprised over 1.6 billion population together.

The company assured that its new hybrid model of ad-free ?freemium? app, which is now available this month of October, gives customers a chance to try a premium service for free.

?Pilot episodes of all TV series will now be free for all registered users even after their free trial period has ended,? the company said.

At the launch event, 2013 Miss World Megan Young, was also introduced as Hooq brand ambassador.


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