Team Spooky brings biggest Tekken 7 event to PH

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Gaming developer and publisher Bandai Namco?has partnered with global e-sports brand Team Spooky to bring Rage Art, the biggest Tekken 7 event, to the Philippines on June 3 with a P25,000.00 prize pool.


With Rage Art, Team Spooky aims to shine a light on a local fighting game community that is mostly unknown to the rest of the world. Victor Fontanez, founder of Team Spooky, is spearheading the movement to honor unsung Filipino fighters such as young Alexandre ?AK? Laverez, who reached Top 8 in international e-sports tournaments such as King of Iron Fist 2013 and King of Iron Fist 2016.

?Upon my arrival to the Philippines, I found myself observing many great players who fight with the strongest passion, for prize pools so small that I can clearly see they fought only for their pride. I was compelled to put my skills to use once again, as I desire to learn their stories while showing what they can do to the rest of the world. With Rage Art, I hope that you too will come to love Philippines Tekken, and that it will be the beginning of a new age of eSports here,? says Fontanez.

Grab, as the tournament?s official partner, will give out special codes to attendees on June 3-4, 2017. Pre-registration started on May 1, and will last until the midnight of June 2, 2017.

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