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REVIEW | HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard

Have you ever had a gaming keyboard that you really loved and wished you could bring it anywhere? HyperX, Kingston’s gaming line, happens to understand what you want and what you need.

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Entering the gaming keyboard arena for the first time, HyperX sends in the Alloy FPS, a frameless mechanical gaming keyboard designed to satisfy first-person shooters (FPS) who do house-hopping just to battle against their friends.

The HyperX Alloy FPS comes with Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue variations. In this review, we’re looking at the Cherry MX Brown version.

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Unboxing and Design

The name itself mentions the word “gaming”, but technically, the Alloy FPS may also fit into office desks due to its minimalistic and frameless design, giving more space to the mouse and office stuff. The Alloy FPS only measures 1.8 meters in length and weighs 1049g with the braided wire plugged-in.

Although frameless, the Alloy FPS weighs a little bit more compared to other keyboards due to its metal alloy top plate for durability. To help you with the weight while tagging this keyboard along with your journey, the HyperX provides a soft case for carrying comfort.

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There are six lighting modes to choose from, and you can toggle it through the arrow keys and the Fn key. This means that this keyboard doesn’t require you to install a software to customize the LED lighting. The key caps are also matte coated, veering away from fingerprints and sweat marks.

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As we’ve mentioned above, the Alloy FPS uses a braided wire with USB and mini USB on two ends. One USB head also lets you charge your USB devices into the USB port located beside the mini USB input port.

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The F12 sports the “G” or “Gaming Mode” key, which disables the Windows button during playtime. Media keys (volume keys, play, forward, and rewind buttons) are also placed on the top row.

Colored and textured WASD and 1234 keys are also found in the box along with the key puller.

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We’ve tried the Cherry MX Blue version of the Alloy FPS, and we conclude that the MX Brown and Red would fit the best for office use. The MX Blue version were too loud and clicky, which may annoy your officemates nearby. Using the MX Brown version, it only caused a little noise and it had the feel of the MX Red.

To ensure that we’re hammering the right keys, this keyboard is also equipped with 100-percent anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover.


Priced at P5,990, the HyperX Alloy FPS may be slightly more expensive than most mechanical keyboards that sport Cherry MX switches without RGB lighting. But if you’re into engaging PC battles outside your home and you prefer to use your own keyboard, the Alloy FPS deserves to be one of your top five keyboard options.

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