Thursday, July 18, 2024

Web3 platform Creta picks PH as launch pad

Top-tier global developers, publishers, and blockchain experts converged in the Philippines last June 27 for the launch of Web3 gaming entertainment platform Creta.

Creta executives who came to the country were led by Thomas Vu, creator of global phenomenon League of Legends and Netflix’s Arcane series; Seokho Yoon, lead developer of the iconic game Fortress; and Ray Eiichiro Nakazato, who worked on projects such as Relics, Sim Earth, and Evil Within, among others.

Creta, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, combines the best aspects of video games, social media, content creation, and blockchain technologies into a seamless metaverse experience.

“This strategic integration aims to facilitate seamless transactions within the Creta ecosystem, enhancing accessibility and usability for gamers and developers alike,” said Vu, who like many of his colleagues recognizes strategic position of the Philippines in the growth of Creta in Southeast Asia.

Additionally, users of Creta will be empowered to develop and distribute their own games as NFTs, fostering creativity and innovation within the Web3 space.

“The first thing you’ll see in Creta is the launcher, which is a 3D sort of virtual lobby,” said Vu. “The Creta multiverse is like many different worlds and games that you can go to. It has a unique and interesting experience, and I’m excited for the world to see it.”

As presented by Nakazoto, who serves as co-founder and chief creative officer, Creta is an entertainment platform and is actually divided into four main components. 

First is the Creta Game Platform, which is a publisher and digital distributor of games. The platform would give the following benefits:

  • A low-cost and high-efficiency structure
  • Capable of onboarding games from prominent publishers
  • Integration of the Creta Gaming Platform into the game publisher’s services
  • Creta is also launching three games of their own in the platform, “Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise,” “Fortress World,” and “Tokyo Wars”

Second is SuperClub, a social media community supported and integrated into the Creta platform.

  • The embedded social media platform makes it easier to create and share content to the community
  • For easy transfer of assets or donating within your community, featuring their own token “$Creta”
  • NFT monetization from original content becomes easier and faster for your community
  • SuperClub is also easy to embed into the game clients

Third is the Creta Studio, a game engine tool for game creation and development.

  • Uses AI to make game creation faster and easier, making it a game engine tool for indie and pro game developers
  • Allows full 3D asset creation
  • Has a database of native creator-generated assets ready for use, and regularly updated with more assets.
  • Creta also has the “Incubation Program” where they collaborate with game developers, professionals and beginners, to use the platform, for easy publication, distribution, and monetization

Lastly is the Creta Multiverse, where all comes together into an immersive world.

  • Offers a public universe where users or games could inhabit and interact with each other.
  • There are three public universes to choose from with different themes, “Dayroot” (Sci-Fi Theme), “Dawnglow” (Anime), and “Nightlore” (Fantasy)
  • You could attend events and earn rewards.
  • Buy lands to foster you own community within the public universe

The whole Creta platform will be run on Web3, incorporating a decentralized blockchain technology.  This means that the platform can minimize server operational costs by using the “Locus Game Chain” and easy updates. 

Vu said this will also address the issue of users not owning the game that they paid for since it is always available in the chain, even if the developer or publisher stops the support.

Vu also noted that Philippines is among the top 4 in terms of highest number of MetaMask users and is Southeast Asia’s emerging gaming market. 

The abundance of Filipino developers and artists, he added, would also be an asset for game development and for Creta’s growth as a Web3 entertainment platform.

Meanwhile, Creta’s token “$Creta” is officially set for listing in “” on July 8, 2024.


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