Content-sharing, monetization platform for content creators launched

Photo shows Eplayment CEO Karlos Naidas (2nd from left) with his executives during the media launch

Eplayment, a fintech solutions company focused on gamers and content creators, launched on Thursday, June 13, a website-based app called Pixel, which content creators can use for content sharing and monetization.

Karlos Naidas, CEO of Eplayment, said during a media launch that Pixel was created to primarily eliminate the pain point of creators of having to manage their presence on multiple platforms. 

Pixel, he said, is a centralized hub where fans can also donate to their favorite content creators who then can manage their finances through the Eplayment app or through other affiliated e-wallets.

Currently, Pixel has a dashboard where content creators can perform personalization of their donation goals and contents. They can also link the platform to their social media accounts.

The platform features these monetization channels, with more coming in the next few months:

  • “Stream Mode” which could be used with the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or overlayed on other streaming services to allow streamers and podcasters to get donation notifications in real time as they conduct a streaming session.
  • “Pixel Snap” allows content creator to share images, but they have the option of making it exclusive so fans could only access it for a fee that will be set by the content creator.
  • “Pixel Bloc” follows the same format as Pixel Snap, but for text-based content like blogs or articles.
  • A “Q&A” feature which allows fans to ask some questions to their favorite content creator, with the reply being revealed when they pay a certain amount.

Eplayment has partnered with NetBank, a digital bank, which uses monitoring tools to avoid floating payments and makes sure the transferred amount is received as soon as possible.

Unlike other monetization plans which require hitting a certain amount or milestone, Eplayment allow immediate cash out as soon as a content creator gets a donation, regardless of the amount.

Eplayment released it full digital wallet suite in 2022 and reached 3,000 users within the same year. They also had a 99% uptime for 2023, guaranteeing a safe finance handling. 

Currently, Pixel has an estimated 2,700 creators onboarded, with a monthly average donation of P345,000. The platform is aiming to reach 10,000 creators, gamers, and fans by the end of this year.