Twitter bares intensified crackdown on abusive accounts this year

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Twitter has suspended ten times more abusive accounts everyday compared to those penalized last year, the company said in a statement released on Friday, July 21.

It has also limited the functionality of ?thousands more abusive accounts each day,? the company said, without revealing any figures.

Similarly, the company has also removed accounts created by repeat offenders whose users were suspended for violations. ?The new systems, in the last four months alone, have removed twice the number of these types of accounts,? the company said in an emailed statement.

?Accounts that demonstrate abusive behavior are now limited for a time, and told why. Accounts that are put into this period of limited functionality generate 25% fewer abuse reports, and approximately 65% of these accounts are in this state just once,? the statement added. ?

After installing notification filters and keyword muting that allowed users to customize their accounts, ?blocks after @mentions from people that they don?t follow is down 40%,? the company said.

The company recognized that ?while there is still much work to be done, people are experiencing significantly less abuse on Twitter today than they were six months ago.?

?Online safety is an issue best solved in partnership with others, so Twitter will continue to collaborate with the Trust & Safety Council, industry experts, and academics to solicit ongoing feedback,? the company said.

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