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Software engineers most sought-after IT workers, survey says

By Edd K. Usman

Software engineers are the most in-demand jobs in the IT industry, followed by data analysts, and data scientists, according to results of a recent survey conducted by, a career advisor company in Palo Alto, California.

Most wanted IT jobs
Most wanted IT jobs

The three job positions are what “high-value startups and established tech companies have been looking for” as culled from more than “8,200 job postings and over 70,000 resum?s,? an email sent by TeleDevelopment Services said, revealing Paysa’s survey results.

Moreover, the survey showed that among “titans” and “tech disruptors” their common most in-demand job is software engineer.

Paysa described “titans as public companies that had their initial public offering (IPO) more than 10 years ago and a current valuation of over $100 billion, and tech disruptors as privately held or public companies that had an IPO within the last 10 years and a current valuation of over $10 billion.”

Of the titans and tech disruptors in the survey that sought software engineers included Airbnb, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Uber, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Oracle.

Microsoft was “the notable exception” because company openings for product experts and advisers exceeded software engineers slightly, the survey said.

Paysa noted the growth of the 10 titans and tech disruptors but said “Amazon overtook the rest in 2016 by a large margin, posting nearly six times as many jobs as Microsoft, its nearest competitor.”

But whether Amazon’s high rate of acquisition of talents equals higher rate of company growth was not a certainty because the world’s biggest online retailer was also known for its high turnover of employees and, in fact, in 2013 ranked “as having the second highest turnover rate of any Fortune 500 company,” said Paysa.

Of the high-value companies analyzed, the career advisor firm said Amazon is also twice the size of the rest of its similarly sized organizations, “so an elevated hiring rate might just be a product of normal employee turnover,” said Paysa.

Among tech startups, the other in-demand following computer science are skills in infrastructure, management, and analysis.x In relation with this, Python, C, and Java are the most repeatedly mentioned in job requirements for coding languages, the survey said.

“But for titans, following computer science skills specifically Java, C, Oracle, and Python are skills in management and software development,” it added.

Paysa said computer science skill coupled with six years of experience are the most sought-after.


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