Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sitel PH exec shares ?future-ready? HR practices in digital age

Sitel Philippines Asia Pacific Human Resources (HR) leader Kalpak Huddar recently shared successful and innovative techniques in the HR field at the recent Asia HR Summit.

KH at HR Summit 01

?HR is more than just about finding right people but providing engagement and sense of fulfillment at work place,? he explained. ?People stick to an organization if they can see their potential career trajectory from the start? and therefore a robust career management at workplace is essential.

Kalpak also emphasized the importance of continuously finding new ways to recruit new talent, stressing Sitel?s commitment to countryside development as he highlighted the importance of finding new talent in the rural areas and bringing business to the provinces.

?In the digital age, technology plays a big role in talent acquisition ? hiring managers must be agile and fearless to try new technologies attracting the right individuals. Online platforms, mobile tools, and trends analytics are just some of the ways we can use emerging technologies in human resources,? he shared.

The summit gathered HR professionals to highlight the strategic importance of HR to the success of any business or organization, and as a key to share best practices in recruitment, training, and development, and retention.


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