Amway pilots AI-powered mobile app for distributors

Direct-selling firm Amway recently introduced its newest business solutions tool that is exclusive to its sellers ? the ANow mobile application.


As the artificial intelligence (AI) tool is still in its pilot stage, Amway has tapped a small group of ABOs (Amway business owners) to try the tool themselves.

ANow is a mobile application exclusive to ABOs that helps them establish their businesses through their phones. It has a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood even to the less tech-oriented business owners, the company said.

Its AI capability offers real-time information sharing, trends and updates, and fast customer relations management for inquiries and concerns.

The ANow mobile offers various tools such as the ?Quests? and ?Prospector,? which are helpful for day-to-day business operations of ABOs.

Quests is an educational tool that helps users learn the strategies on being a direct-selling agent through various challenges/quests available in the application that can be unlocked while earning achievement badges. Through these badges, ABOs can be recognized in the Amway business development community.

Prospector, meanwhile, serves as a tool for contacts management and corporate alerts function. It also helps ABOs to communicate with customer service representatives, as the CSR function is directly linked to the application.

ANow can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple Store for free.

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