Philips software helps pregnant mothers in remote areas get health services

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By Rizal Raoul Reyes

Dutch electronics giant Philips recently launched a set of mobile software applications that will help pregnant mothers in far-flung areas avail of basic health services using digital technology.

Patasongkram: We want to empower expectant mothers by bringing our telepath solution to rural areas.
Philips Philippines country manager Urasinee Patasongkram

Called MOM (Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring) software, the applications will allow health workers register patients, record pregnancy data and other vital measurements, collect data offline and update patient records.

Using the same software ? which contains the MOM web app, the MOM caregiver app, and the MOM doctor app ? medical professionals will be allowed review a patient?s record anywhere anytime.

MOMs will enable the health centers to record examinations, investigations, management and delivery details; send short messaging services (SMS) to patients, midwives and community health workers; and generate reports on a 24×7 basis.

Available in English and Bahasa, the applications can only work on Android phones.

?We want to empower expectant mothers by bringing our telepath solution to rural areas, where there is little access to medication and affordable hospitalization,? Urasinee Patasongkram, country manager of Philips Philippines., said. ?Philips Philippines Inc. is committed in making sure that we continue to improve the lives of Filipinos, especially the country?s expectant moms, by creating and improving the existing maternal health care program in the country.?

Based on research done by the United Nations Children?s Fund, the Philippines is one of 68 countries which contribute to 97% of maternal, neonatal, and child health death worldwide.

?Our global mission is to improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2025, and today we are acting on that commitment in the Philippines,? Patasongkram said in her remarks during the launch held in Makati City.

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