Sunday, May 26, 2024

Globe to roll out rebooted VAS system on March 5

Mobile operator Globe Telecom said that effective March 5, all VAS content partners will be migrated to a new system for enhanced security measures.

This refresh will also prompt customers to redo their opt-in enrollment to the VAS of their choice, the company said.

The move comes after a viral social media post of a subcriber who noted that her load was vanishing although she was not using it.

VAS include infotexts and other multimedia services such as ringtones, wallpapers, and the like.

During the system refresh, customers should re-enroll and opt-in again to their chosen VAS by clicking on the web link or sending an SMS keyword to the 4-digit access code to confirm their request.

“This system refresh is a major step to ensure our customers? protection at every step of their VAS transaction. We are confident that these measures will greatly contribute to an improved online experience especially those that involve charging and payment,? Globe general counsel Froilan Castelo said.

In compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Memorandum Circular No. 03-03-2005-A, as amended, these reinforced measures also adhere to the 3-step verification process as follows: first, a customer clicks on an SMS or digital ad and is redirected to another SMS or a landing page with proper information on the service or product offered.

Second, once the customer clicks to confirm subscription, a verification code will be sent to their mobile number that is needed to further confirm availment of the service.

Lastly, once the code is entered and verified, only then will the customer receive a notification confirming his VAS subscription. The notification will contain an unsubscribe or opt-out option in case the customer changes his mind.

Globe aaid it has undertaken the steps to enforce upon VAS content partners to strictly comply with the set guidelines before being able to push subscription content or fulfillment of services via load credit.

To avoid spam messages, VAS providers will only be allowed to send out content that are deemed relevant based on customer interest.

Currently, there are two ways for customers to check their VAS subscriptions and charges. First is by sending HELP or CHECK to the 4-digit access number where they received the message from, and second, through Globe customer service representatives who are able to view such transactions.

An online portal is also being developed to give customers an easier way to view their charges and transactions whenever they need, said Globe.


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