Tech solution provider Computrade signs up 3 new IT partners

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By John Reczon Calay

IT solutions provider Computrade Technology Philippines (CTP) announced on Tuesday, Mar. 20, its newest partners as a way of expanding its portfolio of technology products and services.

CTP has entered into new partnerships with data and protection and analytics firm Varonis, analytics provider SAS, and network management company Flowmon Networks.


Top executives of Computrade Technology Philippines, Varonis, SAS, and Flowmon Networks

The partnerships were established to help reinforce CTP’s current capabilities in providing effective cybersecurity in enterprise networks, implementing intelligent integration of software systems, enabling secure and efficient collaboration in digital space, and making available of dependable on-demand cloud computing platform, the firm said.

“The new alliances we are forging at the [2018 Technology] Summit align perfectly with our corporate direction and leverage our offerings into a comprehensive suite of products and services for a whole spectrum of clients ? from the private sector to government agencies,” said CTP managing director Teddy Sumulong, confident that the latest partnerships will take Computrade as a total IT solutions company.

“We are really excited to partner with leading technology providers who will not only help enhance our present operations but also fill the gaps in our ability to respond on time to fast-paced developments in information technology,” Sumulong added.

“Our solutions empower businesses to take control over their networks and secure them against cyber-threats that bypass security borders. Together with Computrade, we will supply leading edge network monitoring and security solutions to local industry,” Flowmon Networks area manager Tomas ??rock? said.

“Our synergistic approach will also enable a range of enterprises to benefit from our expertise in enhancing network and applications performance so the IT managers can take decisive actions for their businesses.”

“Traditionally, we have always engaged only the top tier markets from a direct approach. Partnering with Computrade Technologies enables us to reach out to that bigger part of the market providing better collaboration, innovation, and value to customers,” SAS country manager for the Philippines Ryan Guadalquiver added.

“We are pleased to partner with Computrade to help organizations in the Philippines gain full visibility and control of their data by knowing where their most critical data assets are, making sure that their data is monitored and secured, and intelligently detecting and responding to threats both on premises and in the cloud,” Varonis senior technical consultant Antonio Soriano concluded.

The companies noted the potential threats (data invasions and infections) in the current Philippine setting. The partnership aims to cater IT needs of big banks and telecommunications companies primarily, the companies said.

CTP also hosted its annual Technology Summit pushing for the “evangelization” of the blockchain technology on the Philippine cyberspace community, which also this year’s theme.

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The firms shared its insights on blockchain technology in the summit as the partnership served as a foundation for the wide-scale adoption of blockchain technology. Computrade foresees the application of its services in data infrastructure, big data analytics, and data security to play a significant role in the roll-out of blockchain technology in the Philippines.

“We are preparing ourselves to provide the solutions that will ease its acceptance in the country and to fully secure the transactions facilitated by this innovative technology,” Sumulong said as the firm sees the potential of blockchain in Philippine industries.

“We are excited at the possibility that we will be able to contribute our share in enabling Filipino enterprises and individuals as well to take full advantage of an emerging technology,” he added.

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