Samsung brings digital flip chart ‘Fl!p’ to local shores

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Aiming to upgrade traditional office tools, tech giant Samsung launched in the country on Thursday, April 19, its interactive digital board called “Fl!p” (Flip).

The 55-inch Ultra HD display Fl!p offers enhanced digital engagement while keeping the way of traditional writing.

Twenty pages are allowed for each presentation which can be exported as a PDF and can be sent through email. The digital flip chart can also easily connect to another device such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets wirelessly. NFC connection is also enabled. USB and HDMI ports are found at the back side of the board.

A portable wheel-based stand allows the board to pivot on either landscape or portrait orientations.

The board allows up to four people to input content and annotate on the screen at the same time using their fingers or dual-sided pens. The palm can be used to erase errors written in the board. Users can also customize their own writing style, size, and color which can be changed by pen gestures.

To ensure only approved participants can access the information written in the board, Samsung includes a password-based protection system in this device.

“People work best when they are fully engaged in the discussion and are able to contribute vital ideas,” marketing manager for Samsung TV/AV Bella Concepcion said. “The Samsung Fl!p allows teams to organize, facilitate, and recap meetings with ease. It offers endless possibilities for driving impactful collaboration and creating great results.”

Fl!p is priced at $2,699 (P139,990) globally. The portable wheel based stand is sold separately at $799 (P33,990).

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