Saturday, April 13, 2024

FYI | ‘Masaya’ activates Facebook’s Text Delight animation

Facebook has been running its “Text Delight” feature since 2017. These features are animated effects that are activated when you type certain words or phrases on Facebook.

Here are some of the phrases that activate FB’s Text Delight features:

  • You’re the best.
  • Best wishes.
  • You got this.
  • Rad
  • Congrats (in several languages)
  • XO or XOXO

There are so many other words on the list. Others may only work for certain locations, as words and phrases like “BFF” and “Thank you so much” didn’t work when we tried them.

Then again, FB has not released an official list of these Text Delight effects. Thus, we just accidentally discovered that the word, “masaya,” activates Text Delight animation. “Masaya” means “happy” in Filipino. It shows an elongated blue hand from the top of the screen. The hand is holding some flowers.

It’s worth noting that the same effect is associated with the phrase, “wonderful time.”

As with other Text Delight effects, the animation shows up when the post or comment with the specific word is first published. If you want to see the animation again, you just have to click on the word, which is set apart from other words with a different color.

In case you don’t want these text effects showing up on your screen, you can easily deactivate them by clicking on the three little dots that appear on the upper right corner of your post or the right side of your comment. A menu will drop down and you can choose “Remove Text Effects.”

Yes, we know that these animated Text Delight features won’t make up for the fact that Facebook has some privacy issues, but for a brief moment they can make us forget that we’re supposed to be wary of the social media platform. It goes to show that cute feature are sometimes more effective than a statement from Mark Zuckerberg himself.


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