Monday, May 27, 2024

Facebook, other Meta platforms down globally for over an hour

Most services of Meta platforms, including Facebook, went down globally near midnight on March 5, Tuesday night Philippine time, lasting over an hour.

Users were unable to access Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Threads, and Oculus platforms, while WhatsApp was unaffected.

Users were logged out of their respective platforms, and were unable to log back in, with a number of users receiving a message that their passwords were incorrect.

Attempts to reset passwords failed with error messages.

Most services went back up around 40 minutes past midnight on March 6, but some users were still unable to access them on desktop browsers, with the error message “Something went wrong – There’s an issue and the page could not be loaded” on Instagram and Threads.

X/Twitter was flooded with messages about the outage.

Moderators on the /r/Facebook Reddit Subreddit had to close access to new users with the message: “Stop spamming the sub with Facebook Down/Back posts. Yes it was down, no, we are not letting anyone in or opening up the sub as it is going to take some time removing all the garbage posts people have been spamming the sub with. Your request to join at this point WILL NOT BE GRANTED, so STOP ASKING TO JOIN and just give us time. This is an unofficial community dedicated to news, discussion and help relating to Facebook & Meta. The moderators are not associated with Facebook or Meta”

The Facebook Subreddit shot up from about one thousand users simultaneously online to around 30 thousand due to the outage.

Meta’s communications head Andy Stone released the following statement on X/Twitter:


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