Google Wifi lands in PH, vows ‘end of dead zones’ in homes

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Tech behemoth Google announced on Tuesday, June 26, that it is bringing Google Wifi to the Philippines through an exclusive partnership with PLDT.

Google Wifi is a mesh networking system that is touted to put an end to dead zones at home and ensuring strong and fast signals for all connected devices.

The company said the Philippines is one of the first countries in Asia to introduce Google Wifi after Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Unlike traditional WiFi routers where setting up or changing the default password is a hard chore, Google Wifi makes it easy that you can do it yourself. Users can simply download the Google Wifi app available on Android or iOS and follow the step by step instructions.

With the Google Wifi app, users can also see which devices are connected to their network and how much bandwidth they’re using. They can opt give more bandwidth and a faster connection to specific gadget by selecting it as a “Priority Device”.

Devices will always be placed on the channel with optimal Wi-Fi connection with Google Wifi. Even as a user moves from room to room, Network Assist will automatically transition the device between the Google Wifi system points, keeping him of her connected to the point with the strongest signal so you avoid dead spots or delays.

The Google Wifi app also lets users pause Wi-Fi on kids’ devices or create scheduled pauses for dinner time and bedtime. This way, parents can fully engage in mealtime conversation or squeeze in one more session of bedtime storytelling.

Mickey Kim, Google’s director of Asia Pacific hardware product planning and partnerships, said: “Having a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is important to Filipinos. Google Wifi provides seamless coverage at home, solving common issues like dead zones, spotty Wi-Fi connections, confusing set-up processes, and so much more. Parents will also have greater control of their family’s Wi-Fi network, enabling them to spend quality time with their children whenever they want.”

Google Wifi is will be available to all new and existing PLDT Home Fibr customers, as both 1-piece and 3-piece sets.

Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., PLDT and Smart senior vice president and consumer business market development head said, “Wi-Fi dead spots at home are more common than we think, and mesh networking is a smart and effective fix to these dreaded zones. We are thrilled to be Google’s exclusive local partner for Google Wifi, which has set the standard for ease-of-use, performance and security for mesh networking solutions.”

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