Friday, June 21, 2024

Google Maps adds ‘motorbike mode’ for traffic navigation in PH

Internet giant Google has launched a brand new feature — motorbike mode — to help Filipinos bikers navigate traffic across the Philippines.

Google Maps already has a number of features to help Filipinos reach their destinations including a feature that helps transit riders never miss their stop with Google Maps sending an alert when it?s time to get off. But until now, there was no dedicated navigation mode for motorcycle riders.

In the Philippines, biking is a common way to cut through the traffic with 4.1-million motorbike owners in the country and motorbikes have specific needs. Motorbikes often move at different speeds than cars.

Previously, motorbike riders would often do a mental calculation to estimate their arrival times based on a combination of walking and driving routes.

The new motorbike mode feature helps out by delivering:

  • More accurate travel times based on machine learning models that reflect motorbike speeds.
  • Avoid restricted roads where motorbikes are not allowed to travel.
  • Easy-to-memorize routes, using landmarks along the way.

“We want to provide the most local and relevant experience to meet people’s needs. We’re pleased to offer a new feature that we hope makes getting around on a motorbike in the Philippines a little easier. We want to help motorbike riders get to where they want to go reliably and confidently and keep Filipinos on the move,” the Internet firm said.


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