Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Daily Archives: Aug 14, 2018

Cebu resto chain picks SAP for digital transformation

SAP also recently announced the launch of the SAP Leonardo Center Singapore to help customers, partners, and the broader ecosystem of universities and start-ups across the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region to deliver faster innovation with less risk.

Insurance firm takes digital transformation journey with Oracle

To deliver better services to its customers, Malayan Insurance Corporation chose Oracle Disaster Recovery Solution to provide an enhanced data back-up and strong connectivity with their existing applications and systems.

Globe launches high-stakes eSports extravaganza in PH

eSports is a small firework in the Philippine competitive scene but Globe Conquerors Manila might be its loudest pop yet.

Proprietary operating systems dominate wearable OS market

ABI Research forecasts that sports, fitness, and wellness trackers will be dominated by Linux and proprietary operating systems between 2018 and 2023, making up 53% and 38% of the market respectively in 2018, with Android-based OSs completing the lineup.

House committee pushes bill regulating online ‘sabong’

The House panel wants to ensure that "e-sabong" regulations also cover live-streaming fights that involve considerable amounts of money.

Manila has lowest 4G availability in East Asia, says report

Seoul topped the survey with a remarkable 4G availability score of 97.9%.
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