Friday, March 1, 2024

Viral | US burger chain workers support NutriAsia workers

Social media can be accused of a lot of things, but there are some cases when we see just how great it can be. Such is the case of the Burgerville Workers Union, which is described as “an independent collective voice of Burgerville workers.” The group publicly expressed its support for the workers of NutriAsia in the Philippines.

Burgerville is a fast food chain with headquarters in the city of Vancouver in the US state of Washington. The information on the company’s website reveals: “From a single restaurant in 1961 to 42 across the Pacific Northwest, we continue to push the boundaries of quality and transparency.”

That said, the Burgerville Workers Union makes sure that the company treats its workers right. This is probably why they were immediately sympathetic to the plight o the workers of Philippine-based food manufacturer NutriAsia.

The workers of NutriAsia are currently on strike, as the company’s long-practiced questionable labor practices are finally being questioned.

Owned by businessman Joselito Campos, NutriAsia, Inc. has the distinction of being “the biggest producer of liquid condiments in the Philippines.” In 2015, its assets were valued at P16.8 billion (or $320 million). Its products are sold all over the world. Among its most popular brands are Datu Puti, Papa, Mang Tomas, Happy Fiesta, Jufran, Golden Fiesta, and UFC.

Aika Rey and Jane Bautista of Rappler have written a feature titled “Why NutriAsia workers are on strike.” They discuss the deplorable setup that NutriAsia workers have been putting up with for years.

Meanwhile, Ruth Lumibao’s report for, “NutriAsia workers go on strike against ?illegal termination,? contractualization,” details the first days of the workers’ strike.

As the Burgerville workers declared: “We also know that improving our lives doesn’t stop with Burgerville. For many of us, this union is a part of a larger vision for a world that centers human need over the pursuit of profit.”


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